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What Is Dental Bonding and Contouring?

If your front teeth have minor cosmetic flaws and imperfections, it can keep you from looking and feeling your best. If your smile could use a boost for a more even, symmetrical appearance, ask our dentist about dental bonding and contouring. This cosmetic dentistry procedure enhances your smile by repairing tooth chips, filling gaps and spaces and in the teeth, and covering up discoloration. At Made Ya Smile Dental in Rosenberg, TX, our team uses composite, tooth-colored resin to repair these minor imperfections, helping you to achieve the smile you wish for. Fast and lasting, dental bonding and contouring can improve the color, size, and shape of your teeth, addressing many of the common cosmetic complaints and preventing the need for more invasive procedures. Contact our talented team in Rosenberg, TX to learn whether dental bonding and contouring could improve your smile. 

Who Is a Candidate for Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding and contouring is safe and effective for family members of all ages, as the procedure is not invasive and does not require major preparation. If you wish to improve the aesthetic appeal of your smile without veneers, implants, or crowns, you may be an ideal candidate for this procedure. Our dentist can perform dental bonding and contouring on front or back teeth and can apply the technique to each side of an individual tooth. A budget-friendly alternative to porcelain veneers, dental bonding and contouring can offer a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile, but may not be as durable. During your consultation at Made Ya Smile Dental, our team can help you understand your options and help you decide if dental bonding and contouring is right for you. If deemed so, the procedure can be completed in just one visit. Those who benefit most from treatment are in search of a solution for:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Uneven tooth edges
  • Tooth gaps of spaces
  • Yellowed or discolored teeth

What Is the Dental Bonding and Contouring Process?

Safe and effective for nearly any patient with minor smile concerns, the dental bonding and contouring procedure is minimally invasive and does not typically require anesthesia. If you have dental phobias, a strong gag reflex, or feel nervous about the procedure, ask a member of our team about our sedation dentistry options. Before beginning your procedure, a member of our team will clean your teeth and rinse them with a special solution that helps prepare for the next step. Finally, the tooth-colored composite resin is sculpted around the natural shape of the tooth and cured with a special blue light. The bonding with be polished and smoothed-over to ensure that it looks natural and improves your overall smile.

How Can I Care for My Bonded Teeth?

The procedure is simple and easy to complete, well-tolerated and does not typically require recovery or downtime after-the-fact. When your procedure is finished and you leave Made Ya Smile Dental, you can return to your normal daily activities with renewed self-esteem able to speak, chew, and smile normally. You will care for your bonded teeth just like the rest of your mouth with twice-daily brushing, flossing, and rinsing. In order to ensure your teeth remain healthy for a very long time, be sure to schedule and attend bi-annual cleanings and annual exams at Made Ya Smile Dental in Rosenberg, TX. Your bonding can be stained by dark-colored foods and beverages so patients should be mindful of consuming these types of items. Additionally, your bonding could chip, so you should avoiding chewing or biting down on hard items and ice. During your regular visits to our practice, we will check on your bonded areas to be sure they are holding up to daily wear. With the right care, bonding and contouring could last for up to ten years.

Is Dental Bonding Covered by Insurance?

Dental bonding and contouring using composite resin is considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure. This means that the procedure is elective and not medically necessary. For this reason, dental insurance providers often do not cover the cost of the procedure. Made Ya Smile Dental is happy to double-check your benefits before providing you with the cost of your services. If you are unsure about how you will pay for your treatment at the time of your appointment, ask our team about medical financing options to learn how we can help.  

Minimally Invasive Smile Repair

If you have minor imperfections and flaws that keep you from showing off your smile, a renewed look is not out of reach. With dental bonding and contouring at Made Ya Smile Dental in Rosenberg, TX, we can fill gaps and spaces, disguise discoloration, and provide symmetry without costly restorations or oral surgery. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, contact our team today to schedule a consultation. 

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