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What Are Dental Inlays and Onlays?

Tooth decay can damage and affect your smile. When it does, specialized treatment is necessary to reverse any damage it may have caused. Sometimes a dental filling is not enough to restore and preserve a tooth, but a crown is not quite necessary. In these cases, Made Ya Smile Dental in Rosenberg, TX recommends dental inlays and onlays to save the tooth and restore comfortable function without affecting the appearance of our patient's smiles. Our dentist uses custom-created dental inlays and onlays to preserve and rebuild your back teeth. Our inlays and onlays, which are customized to the needs of each patient, may be comprised of porcelain, composite resin, or metal materials. Sometimes considered partial crowns, onlays are used to cover the chewing surfaces and cusps of the tooth while inlays strength the tooth structure from within the tooth. During a dental visit to Made Ya Smile Dental, our team can help you understand each of your treatment options and explain more about dental inlays and onlays. 

Who Is a Candidate for Inlays and Onlays?

Our dentist will determine if an inlay and onlay procedure will restore your tooth following a manual exam and low-radiation digital x-rays. Ideal candidates for the treatment may have cracked, decayed, or damaged back teeth. Inlays and onlays are customized to your unique needs and can return function and strength to your bite and smile. Those who undergo this procedure have assessed each of their options and have been informed that a dental filling would not be sufficient but a full dental crown is not necessary. To learn more about the benefits of this procedure, schedule a visit at Made Ya Smile Dental in Rosenberg, TX.

What Can I Expect With Dental Inlays and Onlays?

Our dentist is a prestigiously trained general dentist with the skill and experience to perform this procedure safely and effectively. Made Ya Smile Dental is proud to offer sedation dentistry options for patients who have dental phobias or would like to be completely relaxed during their procedure. Once your treatment area is comfortably numb and you are at ease, we will begin the treatment using highly specialized dental equipment. The decayed or damaged portions of the tooth will be gently removed and our dentist will determine the type of inlay or onlay that will be used. If a direct technique is chosen, tooth-colored composite material will be used to fill and support the tooth. If an indirect technique is deemed appropriate, your tooth will be treated with a temporary filling and an impression of your teeth will be sent to a dental lab so that a permanent restoration can be custom-created for your personal needs. Typically, patients return to our office in approximately two weeks to have their permanent restoration placed. Once in place and bonded, we will fit and polish inlay or onlay so that it looks and feels natural.   

How Can I Care for My Inlay or Onlay?

Healing after an inlay and onlay procedure is similar to recovering from a basic dental filling. We recommend not eating until you have regained all feeling in your mouth. Eating before your anesthesia has worn off could result in you biting your tongue or cheek. You could experience tooth sensitivity or discomfort in and around the treated tooth for a few days. If the discomfort persists, contact our facility for advice. Patients are strongly encouraged to brush and floss as normal following their treatment and always. You should be sure to schedule and attend each of your dental cleanings and exams so that we can monitor your restoration and ensure it is in proper working condition. Inlays and onlays can protect your tooth and overall oral health for many years when they are cared for properly. If you experience any unexpected discomfort or troubles, contact Made Ya Smile Dental and we would be glad to assist you. 

Are Dental Inlays and Onlays Covered by Insurance?

As dental inlays and onlays are considered a restorative dentistry procedure, they are often covered (at least in part) by dental insurance providers. Made Ya Smile Dental accepts many PPO insurances plans as well as most major credit cards and medical financing. Our team wants to make sure you get the dental care that you need so after determining your out-of-pocket costs, if any, we will help you understand all of your options for payment. 

Natural-Looking Tooth Restorations

Using direct or indirect inlays and onlays can restore compromised teeth. Our dentist is experienced and skilled to determine the type of restoration that is best for your unique needs before customizing it for you. When a filling will not work but a dental crown is not necessary, ask the Made Ya Smile Dental team if an inlay and/or onlay can give you the lasting strength you need. Contact our Rosenberg, TX facility for more information. 

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