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What is Endodontic Retreatment?

If you have an infected tooth, this is usually treated with a root canal. However, sometimes a lingering infection may remain in the root of the tooth if it was undetected within the tooth or accessory canals. For patients who still have an infection after having an initial root canal, our experienced dentist may recommend an endodontic retreatment. A secondary root canal procedure is executed similarly to an initial root canal, as we will clean and disinfect the internal pulp and canals of the affected tooth to remove any remaining or new infection. If you're still experiencing tooth pain, swelling, or other infection symptoms at or around a previously treated tooth, contact Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX and find out if you could benefit from a second root canal. Our team of dental professionals is here to help you achieve optimal oral health.

Do I Need Endodontic Retreatment?

Patients who could benefit from an endodontic retreatment are those who are still exhibiting signs of infection at or around a tooth that was previously treated with a root canal procedure. If you have an infected tooth, you are likely to experience pain in the tooth or jaw, see blister-like lesions on the sides of the gums, feel discomfort when biting, and have temperature sensitivity when consuming certain foods and beverages. Our dentist does everything possible to preserve your natural tooth with a root canal retreatment. However, there are situations in which an apicoectomy (root removal) or tooth extraction are better options to restore your oral wellness. During your consultation at our Rosenberg, TX practice, we will be able to determine which route for treatment is best for your condition.

How is Endodontic Retreatment Performed?

Secondary root canals are usually performed here in our upscale Rosenberg, TX office. Our dentist and team are skilled at administering various forms of sedation to keep you relaxed all throughout your treatment. We will also numb the area to be treated to ensure that your comfort is maintained. To perform a root canal retreatment, we will remove any filling from the tooth to access the area. The pulp and canals of your tooth will have any lingering infected tissue removed, and the area will be disinfected. We will also carefully monitor the accessory canals to ensure that the infection has been completely eradicated. When your tooth has been prepared, a filling material will be added to each canal and the center of the tooth, followed by a sedative filling. Once the area has fully healed and the infection has been resolved, we will place a new crown or restoration over your natural tooth to keep its structure.

Recovery from Endodontic Retreatment

After a root canal retreatment, you should spend the first few days of your recovery resting and avoiding any physical activity. A member of our team will provide you with detailed post-treatment instructions so you know how to properly care for your tooth at home. Our dentist may give you a prescription for antibiotics to keep any infection at bay. We may also write you a prescription for pain medication or recommend a good over-the-counter option to help you manage your comfort levels as you heal. After receiving any kind of dental treatment, it's important to continue a consistent oral health routine that involves daily brushing and flossing. Our team will continue to monitor the condition of your tooth during your future visits to Made Ya Smile.

Does Insurance Cover Endodontic Retreatment?

Insurance coverage for an endodontic retreatment may depend on your individual plan. A member of our financial team will get in touch with your provider to learn about your benefits. From there, we will be able to calculate any out-of-pocket costs you may have. For patients without insurance or with additional charges, our office accepts a number of payment options, including medical financing through our Rosenberg office or through CareCredit®.

About Endodontic Retreatment

For most patients, an initial root canal can expel any infection from the pulp or inner canals of your tooth and restore your oral function and health. However, there are times when an undetected infection may remain or a new infection emerges after treatment. In these cases, a secondary root canal procedure may be ideal to achieve your optimal dental wellness. If you're still experiencing pain, swelling, or noticing blister-like lesions around a tooth that has been treated with a root canal, contact Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX and schedule an appointment with our skilled dentist and team. We will use our years of experience to assess your condition and determine the right treatment for your needs.

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