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What Is 3D Oral Imaging?

Thanks to the progress of science and technology over recent years, dentists have gained access to new and effective tools that allow for a faster, more accurate diagnosis of dental concerns than ever before. At Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX, our talented team is proud to offer our patients the benefits of a 3D dental scan in Rosenberg, TX, using the cutting-edge systems in our office. As a part of our whole-mouth approach to helping our patients keep their smiles healthy, this state-of-the-art device produces less radiation while creating highly detailed scans that our team can use to develop effective treatment plans. Although x-rays are still a part of our information-gathering process, 3D scans have become an integral part of making informed oral health decisions.

3D dental scans in Rosenberg, TX, can create a full 360-degree image of your teeth, jawbone, face, ears, nasal cavity, and other aspects of your head and neck. Our experienced practitioner can make effective use of this information to accurately identify and recommend treatment options for any potential concerns as early as possible. The ability to create a highly detailed 3D model of your mouth’s interior is also a great way to reduce the cost of various treatments, along with minimizing how much time you need to spend in our office. To find out more about the benefits of 3D oral scans or other dental treatment options our team at Made Ya Smile can help you with, be sure to contact our office today.

Who Is a Candidate for 3D Oral Scans?

3D imaging at Made Ya Smile is safe for patients of all ages, and the high-quality images that are created are an important part of diagnosis and treatment planning at our practice. Our advanced scanning tools emit very low levels of radiation and can capture a detailed 360-degree image of your oral cavity. This information can be especially helpful when providing treatment for children and adolescents because it can help our team accurately monitor jaw development while planning the best timing of certain treatments such as orthodontics or tooth extractions. There are also several benefits for our adult patients if they need fillings, crowns, root canal therapy, and other potential treatment needs. Individuals who have suffered facial or oral trauma can also benefit greatly from this technology.

How Does 3D Oral Imaging Work?

Our patients have regularly commented that the advanced oral scanning process used to create their 3D oral scans is fast, comfortable, and surprisingly efficient. To create your scans, our team will ask you to sit precisely in front of our advanced system as it rotates around your head while taking a series of images. This process usually only takes about 40 seconds or less. The collected images are instantly transferred to our computer system and stored in your medical file. Once our team can review your scans and analyze them, we will present our findings and point out any potential sources of interest or concern. A very small amount of radiation is emitted by our device, so we do ask that you keep our staff informed if you happen to be pregnant or suspect you could so that we can take the right precautions.

What Happens After the 3D Imaging Process?

Our experienced team is proud to offer our patients from the Rosenberg, TX, area the ability to treat their dental needs and concerns using comprehensive high-quality scans. The 3D imaging technology we use in our office allows our team to have an enhanced view of your mouth and helps us to see all of the important details that would be impossible to visualize using only our eyes. This innovative approach also enables the ability to determine your dental needs from a comprehensive perspective that was not as easily approached using traditional x-rays. Your specific dental needs and treatment plan will play a role in deciding how often 3D oral scans need to be taken, and we will be sure to have a conversation about this as a part of developing your customized treatment plan.

Does Insurance Cover 3D Dental Imaging?

A 3D dental scan in Rosenberg, TX, may be taken as part of your initial visit to Made Ya Smile or could be recommended during one of your regular cleaning and exam visits. Because these scans are considered an important part of diagnosis and prevention, they are generally covered by most dental insurance plans. Our staff will be sure to contact your insurance provider to review your schedule of benefits before taking any scans. Our office in Rosenberg, TX, accepts most PPO dental plans and can take several payment methods. As a family-owned practice, we are committed to helping you get the dental health care you deserve and can help you find affordable medical financing if there are any out-of-pocket expenses.

3D Oral Imaging FAQ

Does 3D imaging in Rosenberg, TX, hurt?
No, a 3D dental scan in Rosenberg, TX, does not hurt. It is actually a method that's preferred over traditional x-rays. This is mostly because the results provide a comprehensive look into your overall oral health. The procedure takes only a few minutes of your time, and it is generally more comfortable than traditional x-rays.

What is 3D imaging used for?
3D imaging in Rosenberg, TX, is utilized for multiple purposes. This can include getting ready for different procedures like implant placement, root canal therapy, tooth extractions, and more. The 3D dental scan provides a deeper look into the health of your mouth.

Should I be worried about the radiation exposure from a dental scan in Rosenberg, TX?
You will be exposed to a very minimal amount of radiation during the scan, and it shouldn't be cause for worry. However, our team takes your health seriously and will only recommend a scan of this type when it is fully necessary and will benefit your oral health.

What should I do to prepare for the 3D dental scan in Rosenberg, TX?
On the day of the scan, you may be asked to remove your earrings, any metal hairpins, hearing aids, or glasses, as these items could interfere with the scan. Otherwise, you won't have to take special measures to prepare. If you are pregnant or nursing, we do ask that you inform our team so we can take the proper precautions to keep you safe.

State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

The cutting-edge technology used to create 3D oral scans is a safe, comfortable, and accurate method to help our team at Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX, to examine your oral structures in unparalleled detail. By taking advantage of this whole-mouth imaging system, we can effectively diagnose oral problems while developing treatment plans to help our patients achieve their best results. Be sure to contact our office today to schedule a consultation that includes 3D oral imaging scans to give yourself the knowledge and care that you deserve.

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