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What Is a Dental Exam?

A person’s overall oral health plays a large part in general wellness every day. If areas of your mouth including your teeth, gums, or even your jawbone are experiencing discomfort, then regular activities such as eating, speaking, and smiling can be a challenge. Scheduling an annual checkup with our team at Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX is a great way to make sure that you are staying on top of your oral health so that your smile stays fresh and healthy. As part of a comprehensive dental examination, we will check extensively for any signs of concern in your teeth, gums, jawbone, and other areas in your mouth to determine if action needs to be taken. Taking care of anything potential problems as early as possible is the most effective way of making sure you’re not spending even more time in a dentist’s chair later for complex treatments.

Every member of our staff pays careful attention to details, and we will be sure to analyze every aspect of your oral health during a dental exam. We regularly check patients for signs of tooth decay, periodontal (gum) disease, potential bone loss, various TMJ disorders, and even oral cancer. Our team can also observe the interaction between your upper and lower teeth to determine if your bite may be creating concerns. While at our office, we will also be able to check on the condition of any fillings, crowns, veneers, dentures, implants or other treatments to make sure they are still functioning correctly.

Here at Made Ya Smile, our staff takes pride in offering each of our patients the warm, personalized they need to make sure their smiles stay happy and healthy. Our experienced team will take the time to listen to each of your dental concerns and have a talk about any aesthetic goals you may have to make sure we are giving you the best care possible to achieve your ideal smile. Our office uses cutting-edge medical technology and state-of-the-art techniques to make sure we are providing efficient and effective care. To have us take a look at your smile, be sure to contact our office in Rosenberg, TX today to schedule a comprehensive oral examination.

Oral Cancer Screening

When you visit our office for a dental exam, our skilled team will conduct a screening to make sure there are no signs of precancerous, cancerous, or other abnormal lesions in or even around your mouth. Oral cancer is a real problem for more than 50,000 Americans each year. As part of this exam, we will be looking for places in your mouth that are elevated, rough, unusually red, white or oddly shaped. Oral cancer can potentially happen in any part of the mouth, so we will be checking everywhere including your cheeks, hard and soft palate, lips, tongue, and throat. Anything unusual we find may require a biopsy, or a consultation with a specialist to decide if removal or other treatments are an option. We always encourage our patients to perform self-examinations for abnormalities in between regular oral cancer screenings. If something in your mouth feels out of place, or if you have a sore spot or other unusual elements that do not heal, be sure to contact our office right away to schedule an appointment.

Who Should Have a Dental Exam?

Comprehensive dental exams are generally performed at least once each year for patients of all ages here at Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX. Our practice wholly supports the American Dental Association’s (ADA) recommendation that all children should have a visit to the dentist for their first appointment before reaching their first birthday. Our skilled dentists can check for a full range of potential dental concerns during an exam including developing cavities, damaged or loosened teeth or implants, signs of gum disease, and other bite problems including jaw or joint concerns. Our office uses the latest x-ray and scanning technology to check for signs of bone loss, hidden cavities, cysts, and any other concerns including impacted teeth.

Having a comprehensive dental examination regularly is an important part of maintaining your overall oral health. Even if you are not currently facing any discomfort or other troubling symptoms, it is still a good idea to attend regular checkups. Certain conditions may not immediately cause pain or discomfort but can still be creating a complex and serious problem in your mouth without being noticed. A dental exam is a chance for our team to examine and evaluate your mouth so that we can identify problems as early as possible to provide the most effective treatment options. As a bonus, we will be able to keep you up to date on the best methods of caring for your teeth to maintain a happy, confident smile during different stages of your life. For our younger patients, we can also talk about the use of baby bottles, pacifiers, and thumbsucking as a cause of potential future concerns, and the best ways of keeping your child’s gums and teeth healthy.

What Does a Dental Exam Include?

During an exam at our office, our team will start by looking through your personal dental and medical history to gain a good idea of your current situation. We will talk about any changes or concerns you have experienced, and about any other symptoms you feel may have an impact on your teeth, gums, or jaw before beginning the evaluation process. In addition to oral cancer screening, we will also look at your jaw joints, your bite, and each of your teeth. We will also be checking the condition of any fillings, crowns, bridges, or other restorative implants that may be present. Checking your mouth for signs of gum disease is also an important part of your annual comprehensive examinations.

Digital x-rays can also be included as part of your annual exam and is a way of letting our team closely examine the state of your mouth in a way we would be able to accomplish using just our eyes. X-rays are an effective way of observing signs of tooth decay and reveal other concerns that could be forming between teeth or beneath fillings. Our team uses these scans in combination with periodontal measurements to determine if there is a concern related to gum disease. Our team at Made Ya Smile is fully committed to the long term health and wellness of our patients, and to accomplish this we make sure to use low-radiation x-ray technology only when needed to minimize exposure over time. We also make use of intraoral cameras to help us fully visualize any difficult to see areas of the mouth.

Once we have completed your full examination, we will take some time to put together all of the collected data before sharing the results with you. Our team will also be using this information as a part of developing a fully customized treatment plan to help you achieve your dental needs and goals.

After Your Dental Check Up

Dental exams are typically a regular part of one of your bi-annual cleaning appointments with our office but could occur more often depending on your specific needs. Some of our patients might need to have their cleanings and exams more regularly to make sure they are staying healthy. Our compassionate staff is always ready to offer tips and advice on the best ways to protect your smile with at-home care techniques. Our cleaning advice will always be tailored to match your individual needs and could include the need for special attention to certain areas of your mouth. Our practice firmly believes in making our best effort to help our patients show off a healthy, beautiful smile they can be proud of, and we encouraging them to attend regular examinations is an important part of achieving this goal.

Are Dental Exams Covered by Insurance?

Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX accepts most major PPO dental plans and our staff can file your insurance claim on your behalf. Because annual dental exams are considered an important part of preventive care service, they are normally covered by dental insurance. If there are still any out-of-pocket costs, then we will be sure to let you know. Our practice values the importance of helping our patients have a happy, healthy smile, and our finance team is always ready to help you find medical financing options if needed. We accept several payment methods and offer an in-house dental savings plan.

Maintain a Healthy Smile

Regular dental exams are an effective way to make sure that the smiles of your whole family are always looking and feeling their best. Having an annual comprehensive dental exam at Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX is important to help identify potential dental concerns as quickly as possible so that you won’t need to undergo more complex treatment in the future. Even at times when your teeth and gums are not giving you any trouble, you should still be sure to visit our team regularly for cleanings and exams. Some oral problems do not make their presence known until the damage has already happened, and taking care of problems early is the best way to protect your smile. Be sure to contact our office today to schedule your consultation with our caring, compassionate team.

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