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What is Fluoride Treatment?

Receiving fluoride treatments from our general dentist at Made Ya Smile is a great way of protecting you or your family’s oral health. Fluoride is a natural element typically found in water, soil, and some foods that are considered to be an effective method of preventing tooth decay by the American Dental Association (ADA), World Health Organization (WHO), and American Medical Association (AMA), as well as many other medical groups. Certain municipalities have been known to add fluoride to their drinking water, and those areas have also noticed a reduction in the number of cavities among residents. Fluoride paste can also help strengthen a person’s teeth and bones in addition to being an integral part of tooth decay prevention for patients of any age.

As a part of your comprehensive treatment plan, our dentist may suggest fluoride treatments as a part of your regular cleaning appointments, along with prescription fluoride paste or other supplements for home use. Patients of all ages can benefit from professional fluoride treatments as an effective way of preventing tooth decay. To learn more about protecting your smile using fluoride treatments, be sure to contact our office in Rosenberg, TX to schedule a consultation today.

Who is a Candidate for Fluoride Treatment?

While many patients use over-the-counter toothpaste that already has fluoride as part of the formula, it is not always enough to effectively prevent tooth decay. Patients of all ages are good candidates for professional fluoride varnish treatments as part of their regular bi-annual cleanings. In many cases, children and teens are at a higher risk for developing cavities, so the use of fluoride treatments during this important time of their lives is frequently recommended. Adult patients who have recessed gums or a history of tooth decay could also greatly benefit from the use of these treatments. In some situations, the application of fluoride treatments can re-mineralize early cavity formations, which in turn, greatly reduces the need for later restorative treatments, such as fillings or crowns. At Made Ya Smile, patients have often commented that our fluoride treatments are comfortable, easy, and cause little to no discomfort. The treatment can be applied in the form of varnish, foam, or even a gel along with several flavor options. We are also happy to provide a prescription for fluoride supplements or toothpaste as an additional measure to protect patients who may be facing an increased risk of developing decay.

How is Fluoride Treatment Performed?

Our team could suggest the use of fluoride treatments during your regular bi-annual cleaning and comprehensive examination appointments. While some patients will see benefits from getting fluoride treatments at our office during each visit, others may only need to have a treatment once per year. Fluoride paste is administered once the cleaning process has been finished and can be applied in several ways. Fluoride varnish can be painted onto tooth surfaces before being carried into grooves by a person’s saliva. Trays are a way for gel and foam fluoride treatments to stay in contact with tooth surfaces for about 1 – 4 minutes during treatment before being suctioned out using a special device.

What to Expect After Fluoride Treatment

Our team recommends that you or your family member try to avoid drinking or eating anything for up to 30 minutes following an application of fluoride paste. This period allows the fluoride to be properly absorbed into the structures of the teeth. If a varnish treatment was applied, then it is a good idea to wait at least several hours before deciding to eat anything hard, crunchy, or sticky. Children especially should be watched closely if they are using a prescription fluoride product at home because the consumption of this substance can cause nausea or even be dangerous in larger amounts. Using fluoride to strengthen teeth while preventing the development of tooth decay symptoms is a great addition to your regular at-home cleaning routine and can help you and your family have healthy smiles for many years.

Will My Insurance Cover My Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments are a preventive procedure and are typically covered by most dental insurance providers for patients up to a certain age. Our staff will be sure to get in touch with your provider to get an understanding of your benefits before any treatments are performed. If you happen to be without insurance, or if there are additional out-of-pocket expenses for you to address, we will make an effort to help you find an affordable payment solution. Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX accepts several payment options, and we are prepared to work with you on financing options as needed.

Fluoride Treatment FAQ

How does fluoride varnish protect teeth? 
A fluoride varnish application will help to strengthen tooth enamel. This is because the fluoride varnish has a mineral in it that strengthens the teeth. When the enamel is strengthened, it can help protect against cavities. To learn more, schedule an appointment with our dental team.

When should a child start using fluoride paste? 
Fluoride toothpaste and fluoride varnish should not be started until they reach the age of three. If you have specific questions on how long to brush their teeth or how much toothpaste to use, schedule an appointment with our dentists.

Can you have too much or too little fluoride? 
It is our job to monitor our patient's teeth closely. We will only recommend that a fluoride varnish get applied when it is necessary. It can be applied up to four times a year or every three months. If you have water without fluoride, this is also not a problem. We will get you the proper amount necessary to help protect your teeth.

Fluoride Dental Treatment

Professional fluoride varnish treatments at Made Ya Smile are a great way to make sure that the smiles of you and your family are protected. Our team may suggest the application of fluoride during a regular cleaning visit or comprehensive exam as a means of preventing cavities while also working to re-mineralize areas that are already showing the early signs of tooth decay. To get more information about how professional fluoride treatments can help you maintain your oral health, be sure to contact our office in Rosenberg, TX today to schedule a consultation.

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