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What Are Athletic Mouth Guards?

Quite a few of our patients here at Made Ya Smile lead lifestyles full of activity that may include playing sports. To help our patients protect their smiles while providing the comprehensive care they need, our team is proud to recommend the use of customized mouth guards for sports and activities. Patients of all ages can easily benefit from the use of an athletic mouth guard to make sure their smile is kept safe during contact and non-contact sporting events. Some activities, such as baseball, boxing, football, hockey, and lacrosse are recognized for having a higher risk of sustaining an oral injury, but even weight-lifting or yoga can put extra strain on teeth and jaws. If you or a loved one enjoy playing sports, then our dentist suggests the use of a custom-fit athletic mouthguard. These dental appliances are uniquely crafted to fit the smiles of our patients and can greatly reduce the chances of experiencing damage to your teeth, soft tissue, and jaw areas if an accident occurs. To get more information about custom mouth guards for you and your family, be sure to contact our office in Rosenberg, TX to schedule an appointment.

Who Is a Candidate for Athletic Mouth Guards?

The use of a custom-fitted mouth guard while participating in sporting activities is a great way to protect your teeth, gums, and jaw from experiencing an injury that could damage your smile. While you might be thinking about those boil-and-bite guards sold at many sporting goods stores, having a professionally crafted mouth guard that is customized to fit your mouth comfortably is an entirely different level of protection. Our experienced team use a mold of our patient’s mouth to create a customized mouth guard that will efficiently cover the gums and teeth while resting comfortably between the upper and lower arches. These appliances can be further personalized to meet your unique needs, and our practice recommends their use to anyone who takes part in sporting activities or events where their mouth is at risk of injury.

Using a customized mouth guard is also recommended for patients who have veneers, crowns, and other dental restorations as well as those who are currently wearing orthodontic appliances such as braces. An injury of your mouth can lead to damage of your restorations, as well as your teeth, gums, jaw. Protect yourself against injury with a professional mouth guard.

How Are Sports Mouth Guards Made?

Since these oral appliances are custom made, our team will perform a thorough consultation to better understand your lifestyle, activity level, and specific needs. We will also evaluate your bite and take impressions of your teeth to ensure the most appropriate and comfortable fit possible. Your impressions will then be sent to a certified dental lab along with helpful customizations from our dentist so that your mouth guard can be created accordingly. Your oral appliance will be made from high-performance grade acrylic material that is available in a wide variety of colors. Once it is created, it will be sent to our office and we will schedule an appointment to have your appliance fitted. During this time, minor adjustments can be made to make the fit even more comfortable. 

How Can I Care for My Mouth Guard Appliance?

Wearing your oral appliance during vigorous activity or sports is crucial to maintaining the integrity and health of your mouth. If not worn, you will make yourself vulnerable to injuries such as knocked-out or chipped teeth. The best form of protection against oral damage is to habitually wear your mouth guard when playing or engaging in physical activities like football, wrestling, and boxing. We will also educated you on how to care for your appliance but we typically recommend that you rinse and clean your mouth guard after every use. Your appliance should last you years, if taken care of properly. You should bring your oral device with you to all dental visits and bi-annual cleanings so we can monitor its condition and fit. Younger patients may need a new guard more frequently as their jaws and mouth are still developing. This is why we encourage you to take your guard to all dental exams so we can ensure it's fit and determine if a new appliance is needed. 

Are Mouth Guards Covered by Insurance?

During your consultation, our team will go over your various options for an athletic mouth guard. We will be sure to have a conversation with your insurance provider to determine your specific coverage benefits so we can inform you of out-of-pocket costs. As a family-owned practice, our team wants you and your family to receive the oral health care you need to make sure your smile is protected. To accomplish this, our office accepts several payment methods, and our staff is ready to work with you to secure affordable medical financing so you can get the treatment you deserve.

Custom Mouth Guards for Sports

Use custom-fit athletic mouth guards from Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX to protect the smiles of you and your family during sporting activities of all types. A consultation with our dentist can help to decide the best type of guard for your needs. Custom mouth guards function by covering the teeth and gums so that the risk of oral injury is minimized during physical activity. To start on the road toward your customized mouth guard, be sure to contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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