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What Is Bruxism?

If you are waking up with unexplained headaches or an unusually tired jaw, then you could be clenching or grinding your teeth while sleeping. Bruxism (habitual teeth grinding or clenching) can commonly affect a large number of people and can be a precursor to TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders, worn-down teeth, gum recession, and other conditions that can harm the teeth and jaws. Regular teeth grinding or clenching can potentially be caused by anxiety, stress, an uneven biting surface, or other conditions. Our highly skilled dentist at Made Ya Smile has years of experience supporting patients as they work to manage the impact of teeth grinding using customized night guard therapy along with other personalized treatment options. Night guards are dental appliances that are created from materials such as acrylic and are intended to be worn over a biting surface during sleep to prevent your teeth from rubbing against each other.

Choosing to treat teeth grinding and jaw clenching as quickly as possible can greatly improve your general comfort while also reducing the damage to your teeth, gums, and joints. Certain conditions, such as flattened or worn biting edges, broken or chipped teeth and restorations, and even a receding gumline could all be indicators of bruxism as an underlying cause. Experiencing frequent headaches, noticeable jaw popping, and problems opening or closing your mouth can all be caused by frequent teeth grinding and can greatly impact your overall quality of life. If you or a member of your family is currently coping with teeth grinding symptoms, we encourage you to contact our Rosenberg, TX office today to schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about how we can help you alleviate the impact of teeth grinding or other dental concerns.

What Are the Symptoms of Teeth Grinding?

There are quite a few environmental, lifestyle, and medical factors that can influence a person to develop the habit of clenching or grinding their teeth, but the root cause of the condition is still undetermined. Clenching and grinding of the teeth is a concern that can impact patients of all ages and occurs most frequently during sleep. Bruxism can lead to a range of oral and general health concerns, including TMJ disorders, broken or chipped teeth, damaged restorations, gum recession, increasingly uneven biting surfaces, jaw pain, neck and shoulder pain, and chronic headaches. To find out if this condition is having an impact on your overall health, our dentist can perform a TMJ evaluation along with a teeth grinding assessment. Our team can also provide support in identifying certain factors or conditions that could be contributing to this habitual behavior.

A customized dental appliance designed to prevent teeth grinding or another bruxism treatment could benefit you if you are currently experiencing any of these symptoms:

• Discomfort when eating
• Earaches or ringing in the ear
• Face, neck, or shoulder pain
• Frequent headaches
• Jaw or tooth pain
• Limited jaw opening
• Loose or damaged restorations
• Tension in the jaw
• Tooth sensitivity

How Is Teeth Grinding Treated?

At the time of your teeth grinding consultation, we will evaluate your teeth and joints while inquiring about any factors that could play a part in the situation. In most cases, a customized night guard is the best solution to protect your teeth and joints against the damage that bruxism can cause over time. There may also be a discussion about additional treatment options such as bite adjustments or possible orthodontic care if we feel these options are the best choice for your specific situation.

Night guards are created so that they will match your upper and lower arch comfortably. These dental appliances are meant to be worn during sleep to prevent your teeth from grinding while maintaining a comfortable jaw position. As part of creating your custom night guard, our team will create molds of your upper and lower arches which will be sent to our partner lab. Your appliance will be made using high-quality acrylic or another similarly durable material. Once we receive your new night guard at our office, we will schedule an appointment for you to visit. Our team will show you the proper methods for placing and removing the appliance along with the best techniques for cleaning and maintenance to make sure it stays effective as long as possible.

How Can I Care for My Bruxism Mouth Guard?

Making sure that you are using your night guard as instructed by our team is the best way to minimize the damage caused by teeth grinding while improving your overall well-being. Even if you start to feel noticeably better, or if your symptoms are noticeably reduced it is still important to continue wearing your appliance to make sure that your mouth continues to be protected. Our team may also recommend the use of palliative care in addition to your night guard depending on your specific circumstances. We also suggest that all of our patients avoid chewing on ice, chewing on gum for extended periods, and eating hard foods such as nuts or certain bagels to avoid overworking your joints. Our dentist may have additional suggestions based on your unique oral needs.

Making a trip to our office for your regular cleanings and examinations is also a good way to make sure that your smile stays healthy and happy. You can bring your night guard with you during these visits, and our team will clean the appliance for you while also making any needed adjustments to ensure it continues to be comfortable for you.

Are Night Guards Covered by Insurance?

Night guard appliances may be covered depending on your dental insurance provider. Our stall will be sure to review your coverage by getting in contact with your provider before informing you of any expected out-of-pocket costs. Everyone at Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX believes in helping you to get the oral health care you need to have a happy, confident smile. To accomplish this, our office accepts several payment methods, and our team is ready to work with you to find affordable medical financing options if needed.

Protect Your Smile Against Teeth Grinding

It is always a good idea to prevent bruxism from complicating your daily life or interfering with your oral health. If left untreated, teeth clenching and grinding can lead to TMJ problems, damaged teeth or fillings, chronic headaches, and a variety of other concerns. If you are seeking an experienced dentist who is familiar with the best methods and techniques for treating teeth grinding, trust our dentist and the team at Made Ya Smile in Rosenberg, TX. To determine if a customized night guard or other treatment options are a good method of helping you to overcome the daily struggle that can be caused by grinding or clenching of the teeth, be sure to contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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